Q&A with Andrea Davis

Are you the one?

Many ladies have an ideal suitor in mind. From the way, he looks, carries himself, financial stability, maybe even down to the type of car he drives. Personally, my ideal suitor is BFE! You may already be familiar with the term GFE or Girlfriend Experience. I prefer the gentlemen I spend my time with to be the ultimate boyfriend experience. A gentleman that is searching for more than what is on the outside. A gentleman that is looking for a genuine connection with an exceptional woman.

If this is what you seek, contact me soon. I would love to make your acquaintance and experience some true romance together. 

Why is your face blurred? 

Some of you know in the past that I used to show my face. I have decided to no longer show my face on my website, ads, or Twitter for not only my discretion but yours as well. This way we can go frolic in public and the be incognito. I will say that you will enjoy my natural beauty. My smile is to die for. 

Ms. Davis are you available on short notice?

The simple answer is No. Occasionally I may be able to meet the same day. I prefer 24 hours notice to give me time to properly screen you. If we have previously met you are welcome to reach me by phone or email to see if I can accommodate your request. 

Is travel an option?

I truly love adventure. The people closest to me call me a road warrior. I have driven cross country numerous of times to see the sites. I enjoy experiencing other cultures and seeing different places. I have a passport full of stamps and would love to add another to my book with you. Please see my tryst page for more details about travel. 

Do I have to be screened? 

Screening is mandatory. Everyone must be screened. If you are uncomfortable with being screened then we may not be the best fit for each other. 

Can I speak to you on the phone? 

I am always available to speak with you on the phone, just sometimes that may not be possible as I am in a place where I cannot speak. I give first priority to returning phone calls to those that have filled out my reservation form. My phone number is 612-460-7405

What is your availability?

I am available Monday- Friday on a reservation basis. I prefer appointments no earlier than 10 am, but I can accommodate earlier with 24 hours notice. If our plan is to get together so early in the morning that I wouldn’t have time to run out and get coffee, I do have a thing for Chai tea lattes and croissants from Starbucks...wink wink

Ms. Davis is your rates negotiable?

I am sorry to say but I am currently not, trying to name your own price is quite frowned upon. From time to time I offer incentives to my Newsletter followers as well as those who follow me on Twitter. Be on the lookout!

What forms of payment do you accept? 

CASH is always king, but I also accept credit cards as well. A 10% surcharge is required for me to accept a credit card. 

Is there a deposit or cancellation fee? 

Yes, I do have a cancellation fee. I do understand that things may come up, but my time is just as valuable as yours. You can view my cancellation policy on the bottom of my Tryst Page. I also do require deposits for some appointments. If a deposit is required it will be noted on either my Tryst Page. In the event that you have previously canceled on me before my cancellation policy was put into effect, a deposit would be needed to secure your next meet. 


Your Amorous Assistant of Adventure